Everything in life has a story - a tale that speaks of its journey from conception to realization. While each journey may differ, it is within the actual details that character and personality is formed, distinguishing one from the next with a uniqueness that cannot be forged. Rug By Hand seeks to showcase the rich diversity of the Moroccan culture by inspiring lifestyles through exquisite merchandize. Each of our carefully curated products is a story by itself.

Founded in 1970, Rug By Hand is the place to be if you are looking to add a Moroccan touch to your home. Our passionate and experienced team is devoted to sourcing the best carpets in Morocco made from top quality wool to ensure that you get value for your money. The beauty of it is that these gems feature original craftsmanship; you won’t find anything similar in other shops. This exclusivity is what makes us your one-stop-shop for unique, stylish, and vibrant luxury Moroccan rugs, kilims, runners, and all kinds of Berber rugs.

While there is a vintage vibe to every carpet we sell, embrace the timeless appeal each of our rugs injects into your space. Having worked with international interior designers over time, and as Moroccan rugs enthusiasts ourselves, we continually amass a collection that is the envy of most collectors, designers, and customers. What’s more, by buying from us, you are also helping the community especially the tribal women on the Atlas Mountains of Morocco whose hard work, creativity, and culture is so beautifully evident in every carpet.

We also accept custom offers. If you need any size in any style, be sure to contact us. You can also check out our inventory for inspiration and we will be sure to send you what you are looking for.